Defect Litigation

Condominium Defect Litigation

We represent parties in all aspects of construction defect litigation. Our attorneys assist commercial owners, condominium associations and single family homeowners to understand and resolve claims against developers, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors. But our experience does not end with representing plaintiffs only. Our attorneys also assist and defend many developers, design professionals, contractors or subcontractors in all manner of construction defect issues, whether they arise from claims made by the owner in a condominium defect matter, or are asserted as defenses to claims for equitable adjustments or additional compensation under a contract to build a commercial or industrial facility. Defect litigation can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for those who have never been through it. In its most well-known form, the litigation involves individual homeowners or volunteer boards who have never experience litigation. At its most complex, construction defect litigation can involve disputes over the adequacy of design or engineering plans for chemical plants or miles-long tunnels. Our attorneys are experienced in all manner of construction and understand the legal scenarios and strategies that can arise. We provide our clients with perspective and an ability to understand the risks to all parties, which gives us an edge in providing complete and useful information about the legal aspects and the construction realities of their claim. This allows our clients to make more informed decisions. Our broad experience also enables us to assist our clients to structure deals or repairs in a manner that is most beneficial to the client.

Condominium Defect Litigation


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